Sunday, March 24, 2013


Greetings from snowy springtime Utah, 
where I am stuck waiting for the flight that will 
let me return to my husband. 

My week in Idaho was very relaxed and pretty short, 
but I'll be back soon enough, and hopefully it will be warmer then. 

Please standby gods, let me get home! 

1. A treat after a lot of house hunting. 
2.  Gabe and Maize, best friends for life. 
3.  Grandpa Baty, my favorite. 
4.  We love Grandma's freezer jam.
5. Kendall and his girlfriend. 
6. The drive to Draper.
7. What six hours in the airport look like. 
8. Standby Defeat. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A quick tour of our new home...

Well hello there!

I'm in Idaho for one last day before making the long trek back to Oklahoma.
Here are some pictures from our quick trip to San Fran and Vacaville.
It was beautiful, green, full of Spring, and those hills...
THOSE HILLS! They surround the city like a back drop.
The shopping and restaurants are also fantastic. There is a Panera. Enough said.
We didn't have much time to tour the city, unfortunately, but we'll be back soon to stay!
I still can't believe we get to live in such a beautiful place... so blessed.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Oh hey...

It just me, Courtney.

My blogging has been pretty lame lately. Probably because I have nothing to blog about... Altus is very dull and most of my days are spent reading, watching TV, taking Maizey on walks around the base, and applying for jobs, but it's not looking good. Jake and I started the Lost series over again. I think that gives you an idea of how slow things are...

This week we are going to visit sunny San Fran, California to look at some houses! So that's exciting. After we spend time there, I'm stopping by Utah/Idaho to see the family for a few days. I never thought I'd be so excited to visit Idaho in March. Maybe it'll make me a little more grateful for what we have here :)

Any book recommendations?

1. Maizey and her new barking collar. It made her pee everywhere so we stopped using it. 
2. I pride myself in professional egg scrambling. 
3. Our puppy stalkers. They come by three to five times a day knocking on our door and peeking into our windows to see if Maizey's home. I love kids, but come on!
4. Click it or ticket Maize. 
5. Our first time eating out in Altus. It was quite the experience. There was only one waitress in the entire restaurant and when I asked for a salad she said, "uhh, okay just don't be surprised if I don't have time to get it out to you." Hmmm...
6. These Jack Rabbits are all over the base golf course. We took Maizey on a walk there yesterday and she was in agony when we wouldn't let her chase them. 
7. My "taking Jake to work" disguise. So attractive and slimming, let me assure you. 
8. Bachelor finale! I wish Jake enjoyed it as much.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A really pointless post after much slumber.

Things that bother me. 

Stupid high school drama that somehow sneaks back into my life. It's a tornado of endless misery. Oh and in case you're wondering Jake and I have a very happy marriage :)

The fact that sugar is bad for me. How can something so good be so unhealthy?

Dry hair and dirty kitchens.

Boys from my high school having babies before me. I never thought they would find a woman that would let them father a child. Mind blown.

Having so many goals and no idea how and when I'll reach them.

Things that make me happy.

Fluffy puppies. Especially when they snuggle.

A cold Arby's Jamocha Shake from my naughty husband. 

American Idol. Just the singers, not the judges.

Hulu Plus on my television, I'm now completely caught up on Nashville.

The fact that I'll be in California in one week looking for homes!