Monday, September 30, 2013

34 Weeks and a Birthday

These last two weeks have definitely been the hardest. 
Other than feeling big and awkward, I really couldn't complain, 
but then there was this one day last week where I tried walking a little more 
than usual... and bam. It felt like someone punched me in the baby maker. 
I kept waiting for it to wear off but it wouldn't and the pelvic pressure 
was enough to send me in to a "is this preterm labor" panic attack!
But it wasn't, and the pain didn't go away, it's still there, making it hard 
to walk anywhere or do anything... 

Needless to say I have a long few weeks in front of me. 
I really don't even know how he's fitting anymore! Because of the 
"pelvic pressure" I want to say he's riding real low 
but then I can feel him up in my rib business too.
He's taking up any ounce of space I have in me. 
It's a wonder I'm eating anything at all. 

Sooo that's all the complaining I have to do.... 
Jake and I had a wonderful birthday weekend. 
(other than the being in constant pain part) 
And I'm so grateful for the friends and family
 who reached out to wish me a happy 25th birthday! 
Can't believe I've hit the mid twenty mark. 
I embraced my last irresponsible birthday in 
the most selfish ways possible, indulging in some donuts
and Downton Abbey in bed,
then later with some chocolate cake and Breaking Bad! 
Things I'll surely miss later when I'm a mum. 

I don't know many people who can say the government and 
basically the world as we know it came to a screeching halt 
on their birthday. Let's hope for a somewhat peaceful
resolution shall we? 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Roma: Colosseum and The Forum

Fast forward ten days and we're at the Colosseum. Once again SO tired and SO hot.

Our original plan was to visit the Colosseum the same day we did the Vatican. hah! Impossible. There is sooo much to see at the Colosseum/ Forum. It's an all day thing, and even when it's one hundred degrees outside, it's something you have to do while in Rome! Just wear a light skirt, and not tight shorts and garments like me. It's enough to turn a pregnant lady into a hot hot crying mess. Also, do not go to Rome in July/August. Ugh.

We had no problem getting tickets, it wasn't that busy. A few of us had downloaded Rick Steve's free podcast before the trip so we all shared headphones and tried to educate ourselves. After a lot of walking and sweating, we made our way down to the Spanish steps for dinner and the Trevi at night for our last gelato.

 ^ doesn't it look hot? I can feel the heat radiating from this photo ^
^ Rick Steves buddies ^
 ^ look how small and cute my bump was! This was before Mckell sat in disgusting pigeon poop ^
 ^  Site of the very first Hunger Games ^
 ^ exhausted at The Forum ^
^ the fam was fascinated by these orange men. They were everywhere. ^

^ We didn't find our favorite Roman gelato until the last night. They had mini cones, cookie sticks, AND whipped cream. My dad's dream. I think my favorite combination was Cookies, Milk, and Hazelnut gelato. YUM! ^

Until next time Rome! 

Roma: Trevi, Pantheon, and Spanish Steps

Our first day in Rome...

We arrived in the Roma airport around 9 AM after our miserable red eye flight. Jake and I had to sit in the back of the plane, and after boarding it took about an hour to get the plane moving. Oh and there was NO A/C. Cue the anxiety attack. There were some tears and aggressive paper fanning. Eventually we got going and after watching fifteen movies and attempting several different sleep positions... we gave up on having a "relaxing" flight. So we met up with the family, and to say we were all tired and snappy would be an understatement. Luckily we got on the right train to our hotel and after an hour of dragging our luggage up many stairs, we reached our place of refuge and started our journey through Europe on the only rainy day we would have.

As designated Rome tour guide, I thought we should keep our first day easy going and check out the Trevi, Pantheon, and Spanish Steps. These are of course must sees in Rome but what I love is that you can see them whenever, they're within walking distance of each other, and they're freeeee. So we did our walk slowly and sluggishly and crashed around 9 pm.

^  Our first time at Valle Aurelia, we became public transport Pros. ^
 ^ before our day even began! ^

 ^ where are you Paulo? ^
 ^ wish making. Also check out father's veiny arms... ^

 ^ Brielle's first Italian gelato ^

 ^ Dad educating the group with some Rick Steve's knowledge ^

Monday, September 23, 2013


Anybody watch the Emmy's?
These were my favorite dresses.

Congrats, Breaking Bad!

Friday, September 20, 2013


Things are finally starting to get back to normal.
I miss my family like crazy but it's lovely to be home nesting with my husband.
Here's a little collection of photos from my trip!

1-3. Ten hours to Utah? No problem.
4. Note to self. Never plan anything when theres a BYU game. Husband turns into a boring zombie.
5. Onerepublic/ Sara Bareilles concert at Deer Valley. Lots of traffic and useless lines getting in but we had no problem getting out! Plus they both sounded incredible. I cried like a crazy pregnant person through Sara's performance. Especially when she came out singing this song... baby momma didn't stand a chance.
6. Back in Idaho after our fun weekend/baby shower in Utah. Maizey loves this place.
7. Watching Mckell kick Volleyball butt. She is so talented!
8. Eastern Idaho State Fair. Someday I will own a goat.
9. Carnival lights.
10. On our way out we witnessed a lady being wheeled out to the ambulance and a crazy tattooed man being forced into a cop car after a fight. He was sobbing like a baby!
11. Reed's Dairy "brown cow" vanilla ice cream with chocolate milk on top. Oh yes.
12. Peach Days! Uncle Tom's float.
13. Watching the parade with the Johnstons!
14. Sisters Mary jo and momma.
15. Baby Clark is the cutest.
16. Anniversary flowers from Jake. Four years!
17. Fresh BC peach pie. My favorite. We ate peaches at least three-four times a day.
18. Watching Kell at the Homecoming Parade.
19. Double rainbow at the fair! It rained all night.

Monday, September 16, 2013

32 Weeks and a Baby Shower

I'm back in California! With lots of baby swag.
Over the weekend I had a dreamy baby shower with my family and friends.
My mom and I had been planning it for quite some time
and after some weather scares and baking flops, we pulled it off!

I decided to go with a fall theme, since its my favorite time of year...
We made mini peach pies, pumpkin bars, and chocolate cake!
The peach lemonade was my favorite, made with lemonade, peach nectar, and basil.

Thank you to everyone who came to support our new little family!
It's surreal to be this close to the end of my pregnancy...
I'm 32 weeks today and the fact that I could possibly be having this baby next month
is so crazy! We still have lots of preparing to do.

Baby is so big now, I can feel his little feet and head poking out both sides of my belly.
I'm rocking the belly support band like nobody's business. It's super sexy.
Sleeping has become extremely difficult, I usually lay awake aching for over an hour.
I know, I know, it's preparing me to be a mother. But is the heartburn necessary?

** I'm currently accepting any advice for these final weeks of pregnancy! Let me know if there are some products I NEED to have or any hospital or baby tips. Dish ladies.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Crete was our last excursion on the cruise, 
it's the largest Greek island located in the middle of the Mediterranean. 
We got off the boat early in the morning and ate crepes while all the shops opened up. 
We found some great jewelry and little moccasins for our babe. 
After shopping we walked down to the beach and enjoyed some long 
awaited time in the ocean. It felt fantastic! 
Crete definitely restored our faith in the Greeks.