Monday, March 31, 2014

Wine Country

I blogged. Watch out! 
It's definitely been low on my priority list these days. 
Now that I'm a mother, there's just never enough time in the day. 

Last week, my mother and our friend Zola (also my high school choir teacher) 
came to visit me here in No Cal! It was fantastic and too, too short. 
We went to both Napa and Healdsburg and it was beeeautiful. 
I can't believe how close we live to such amazing places! 
I'll have to take Jake back for sure. Maybe after Graham stops hating the car seat.
Thanks for brightening my days and cleaning my microwave ladies.
Come back soon. 

More blogging to come... hopefully. 
Not making any promises :)
If you comment I might be more inclined. Just saying. 

P.S. Is anyone out there watching The Good Wife? I AM DYING INSIDE.