Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Monterey and 15 months

 Another trip to the aquarium...

This weekend I was able to travel ALONE to Las Vegas for my darling sister in law's baby shower. After two boys she's having a girl and us Kearns couldn't resist a sugary sweet and pink party. I flew back into Monterey, somewhere we hadn't visited. Jake picked me up and we had ourselves a mini vacation. Not easy with a running, screaming, throwing toddler but we had a fun time. It's a darling city! We'll definitely need to go back.

Graham turned 15 months last week, here's what he's up to.

- says dada, momma, no no no, oh no.  sometimes I think he says "stop" and "dog" but I can't be sure.

- runs around everywhere and greets strangers with some sort of random gibberish, they swoon and high five him.

- still a very good eater. says "Mmmm"

-growing about eight teeth right now.

-sleeps 10-12 hours at night, and one 2 hour nap in the day.

-does this funny pose where he kicks one leg back.

-signs "more" "all done" and "please"

-favorite toy is his diaper bin and his balls.

-can go down the slide by himself.

-20 percentile for height and weight and 99 percentile for his big bobble head.

He is such a happy, beautiful, and brave little boy. Jake and I could not be more in love with his contagious laugh and funny walk. We don't know why we are blessed to be his parents!