Monday, July 31, 2017


It's 7 AM on a Monday. Graham got me up at 5:30 as did JoJo who thinks she is small enough to sleep under our bed which is definitely not the case. Really should start going to bed earlier but when Jake is gone I struggle. Now Graham and I are watching the sunrise and making pancakes. 

Jake just left for six weeks of training in Montgomery Alabama.  You have to say that in a southern accent. It's been pretty lonely and crazy here without him. And it's only been two days. But these boys are very hard. Love them to death but if there was a boarding school for toddlers I would probably pay big money to send them there right now. So much screaming and fighting and hitting, I think I'll start wearing headphones are on the house just to stay sane. Mckell is flying in on Friday, thank heaven. She and I will make the TWENTY hour drive to Zion sometime next week.

Until then I'll try my best to create new activities in the summer heat. They are currently obsessed with jumping on the tramp with sprinklers. Naked. I fixed up their play kitchen in hopes that it'll distract them while I'm cleaning and making meals. I'm going to try to meditate this week, which is hard for me. to sit still. But Gabrielle Bernstein says it will fix all my problems so... guess I'll give it a go. Send any tips my way! Thinking about making my extra bedroom into a dreamy zen den... whatever that means. ;)