she plans things...                                                      he screws it up.

This is Our Story.

Jake and I met at Utah State University. I saw him at a small bonfire

 where he won me over with his musical talent.

The next semester I coincidentally moved in next door, and

after months of trying to get his attention, we shared a two hour drive to a

 Rocket Summer concert that changed everything.

We got married about a year later and graduated from Utah State University.

After a year or so of pilot training in Oklahoma

 we lived in Northern California where Jake flew the C-17 Globemaster III.

We gave birth to our son, Graham, on October 13th 2013.

To read his birth story click HERE.

and his brother Miles, was born August 6th, 2015.

Now we live in Del Rio, Texas where Jake teaches baby pilots how to fly the T-6

 Together we enjoy eating donuts, singing duets,
and wrestling our feisty puppies Riley and JoJo.

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