Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Year in Review: 2014

Hello there blog world... I've been MIA throughout the Holiday season. It was just too busy and I was too lazy to pull out the camera! Christmas was fantastic but I am definitely ready to move on to 2015. I am feeling eager and excited to start a new year with new goals. At the end of the year I post a review of all of my favorite moments from each month. Click HERE to see the year before, and HERE for the year before that!

Graham's Blessing

Dad's trip to Africa and Mom's month in Idaho

Grandma and Zola come to visit

Graham's first Easter and Air Show

First Mother's Day

Best Friend visit and Jake's Birthday Party

Family time in Driggs, Idaho. Dad leaves for Romania. 

Deployment and Idaho Summer

Riley and Peach Days. Dad comes home!

Disneyland and Graham's First Birthday!

Friends-giving and trip to Utah

Trip to Idaho and Christmas!

It's been a busy year. Learning to be a Mom has kept me rather occupied. Looking over these photos gets me all choked up, I tend to get so consumed in every day madness that I don't realize how blessed we are. Thanks to everyone who made this year special. I'm beyond excited to see what 2015 has to bring!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dreamy Dreamy Disney

I was born with Disney in my blood. 
So imagine my excitement when I got to bring my baby! 
It's true, he didn't really appreciate it that much, but it was so much fun seeing his face 
the first time he saw Mickey or the madness that is Small World. Complete wonder and awe.
It was worth every crazy, exhausting moment.

Disney does magic like no one else. 
Add eleven cousins and ten adults and you have one heck of a party. 
We mastered the fast pass and rider swap system. 
So thankful for the Kearns family! 

Graham's favorite ride: Small World and Haunted Mansion (Nightmare style)
Mom's Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror and Soaring Over California
Dad's Favorite ride: Toy Story and Screamin

To see our last Disney Trip click HERE 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Aquarium of the Pacific

There is something so magical about aquariums...

We stopped by one in Long Beach on our way to Disneyland and had the best time. Graham was mesmerized by all of the fish and they liked him too! My favorite part was the jelly fish... they are unreal. If I ever get rich I would love a tank of my own. I could watch them all day.