Friday, February 7, 2014

3 (almost) 4 Months

Well hello there... 

I've been in frigid Idaho for a few weeks now.
Jake's still in Africa but will be home soon! 

I can't believe Graham is nearly four months old. 
My life has been madness since the day he was born,
 but I love him more and more each day. 

- loves his new jumper, thanks grandma!
- starting to grab toys, always manages to grab my hair
- chews on everything he can get a hold of 
- sleeps 6-8 night hours at a time
- his head is getting so big that his hair can't keep up.. patchy grandpa hair :)
-starting to laugh, squeals like crazy no more grunting!
- loves bath time, kicks and kicks
- has an aversion to feeding from my left side... have to trick him into it
- still will not take a pacifier, vomits a lot when given one
-getting much better at putting himself to sleep
- weighing in at about 15 pounds

thanks nicole maxfield for these beautiful photos.