Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Dallas Zoo

Here are some snap shots of our day at the Dallas Zoo. 
It was a perfectly cloudy day which made it a lot more enjoyable. 
My favorite part of the zoo is the giraffes, and we got to feed them! 
I think Jake's favorite part was getting face to face with the Cheetah. 
We're going to miss these friends of ours, so glad we got to spend the day with them. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


How was your Memorial Day?
We spent ours in Dallas for the second year in a row
and it was a lot of fun. 
We were able to catch up a bit with some old friends
and spend lots of time with the Roses. 
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be on my out of Altus and on my way home!
Couldn't be more excited. 

1. Shopping with the boys.
2. My first time at Sprinkles...
3. Reunited with Melissa!
4. One of our many trips downtown.
5. Outdoor movie with The Roses. 
6. Flag cake decorating with Taylor.
7. Maizey knows when we're about to leave.
8. Church time with Will.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Helloooo there. 
Nice and hot here in Altus this week. 
How I wish the pool was open, sigh...
But we've finally got a end date in sight and we're hoping
to get done right after Memorial Day. Fingers crossed! 
Jake will start flying Tuesday. Yes I said START.
 I can't believe how long we've been here... :|

1. My new summer sandals! So comfy. 
2. When we're bored, we find treasures like these at Walmart.
3. We leave her for two hours and come back to a maniac. 
4. A day trip to Lawton and a stop at my favorite froyo.
5. Trying on Jakes NVGs. Very heavy. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

to the mother I never met

Not long after I was born, my Grandma Olsen
passed away from many health complications. 
Although she had been gone for sometime before that, 
(probably preparing me for my arrival). 

Sometimes I think of my mom, younger than I, 
struggling to deal with being a new parent 
without having her own there to guide her. 
It's a loss I cannot imagine. 

I sat in church today listening to a man named Graham speak
of his wife who he had lost four years ago
and the four young girls she left behind.
I turned around and saw them all in tears, missing her.
My heart broke for them. How grateful I am for eternal families
and for my living, young and vibrant mother.

Happy Mothers day to a Mother unlike any other.
I know someday we'll all sit together and have 
long talks in heaven with Grandma Mary.
I know she's proud of the woman you've become. 

For last year's Mother Day post click HERE.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It's Summer in Altus! 
Everything is getting brown and toasty. 
That's Oklahoma for you.
After nannying a good fifty hours this last week 
I have a whole new respect for the mothers of this world. 
I'm exhausted. 

As for Jake's training, I'm praying that by some miracle
he'll get done at the end of this month. 
However, that pit in my stomach is telling me a different story. 
Ohhh Air Force. 

1. Ninety degree heat in April. 
2. Blue Coconut Cream Slush to keep me cool. 
3. A windy day in the park with Jack.
4. Picked the perfect Watermelon. 
5. That one day a week where I have a "I'm stuck in Altus"meltdown. 
6. Off roading. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013


These girls had me in tears tonight. 
This was a year for the girls and I'm like 
a proud momma watching them. 
It's anyone's game. 

I just wish the judges weren't so ridiculous. Ugh.