Sunday, July 19, 2015

21 months

Graham's last update as the only child! It's a long one. Mostly because I know I'll have a hard time keeping up here soon. Can't believe he'll be two in a couple months... and an older brother! The last year FLEW by.

This little toddler challenges us daily. He's got a lot of attitude and spunk and he NEVER stops moving. Still below average with his weight and height but not that big bobble head. He loves going to the park (still sits in his stoller) and kicking/throwing his sports balls. He runs around on his toes with one arm swinging. He swings from the bar at the top of the slide to give me a heart attack. His hair grows like a weed and is blond from the Summer sun. He loves the carousel and train at Nut Tree. He still takes a 2-3 hour nap.

Eating is a hit or miss. As long as he hasn't been snacking, I can get him to eat pretty well. He loves sharing fish burritos at Rubios. He likes hot dogs and ketchup, ravioli, sloppy joes, indian food, all fruit, etc. Veggies are usually consumed in minestrone soup or fruit and veg packets. The trick is getting him to eat it by myself with a utensil. It usually ends up being smeared, played with and put on the floor for Riley. But we'll get there...

He's finally getting better at nursery, dad has to take him while mom leaves for ten minutes so I don't hear him freak out.

We've been swimming lots, he jumps off the edge after yelling "red-eee-goooo", loves mo-da boat and is learning to kick his legs.

He loves looking at my belly and giving it kisses. I'm not sure if he fully understands that there's a real baby in there, even though he calls it baby.

He tackles, loves and kisses Riley daily, she acts like she hates it but when another dog nipped at him yesterday she FREAKED out. So I guess they're best buds.

I think he's getting his molars, his sleep has not been the greatest and he's moody, perfect timing Graham!

His language skills are coming a long but it's still hard to communicate sometimes. Words he uses on the daily...

Daddy and Momma, obviously.
Wa wa (any drink) Also uses it for flower...
Chugga chugga choo choo
He-whoa? (hello)
Woot (shoot)
Milky and Ba ba
I cree (ice cream)
No way! Hook! (Jake and the Neverland pirates)
Roooom (motorcycle)
Car, Air-bee (airplane) bike, truck
Row Row da Boat (his favorite song)
Blub, Croak, Dog, Monkey, Roars, Shark, Turtle, Bear, wootee (horse)
Elmo (also uses it for animal)
Cookie, cake, apple, nana, chip and crack (cracker)
Weesh (swing)
All done
Eye, nose

Wow, that's quite the list. Probably won't be able to keep up much longer! Which is good. I love his wittle voice. Most of those words are shouted at me with a lot of enthusiasm. Especially when it's time to wake up and he is screaming MA MAAAAAAA like he's in pain. Such a lovely way to start the morning.

We usually get "milky" after that and watch Octonauts or something until we wake up fully. Then it's time to eat and dress and maybe walk to the park, if it isn't too hot. We have to pick a flower a long the way for him to tear apart. There's usually an appointment or lunch with dad then nap time (often for both of us) afterwards we hang out and clean up until dad gets home. Our days are long and somewhat lazy, which I have loved, because at the end dad comes home, we get to eat dinner like a normal family and be together. We walk to the park and let Riley run. He splashes in the bath with his bubbles. Daddy reads to him and we sing. He is still in the crib until we're ready to put baby in there, hopefully with him... who knows. They are my world. So grateful for my boys!

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