Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Baby Brother

I'm nearly half-way through my pregnancy and this is my first post! Shameful. Jake and I found out on Thanksgiving day. I can't say this baby was an accident but it was not entirely planned :) I thought it would take me a while to get pregnant again and I was happily mistaken.

I took a test in the morning while Jake was still sleeping (that's when I tend to take my pregnancy tests). I went about my business for a few minutes, not thinking there was really any way it was positive. When I turned the test over my hand flew to my mouth in confusion and amazement. After checking it five times, I took a shower, got dressed and brought in Graham, while dad was waking up, I gave G the test and asked him if he wanted to tell Dad he was going to be a big brother. Jake shot up from bed and was just as surprised as we were.

Since that moment I've had many times I've forgotten I was pregnant. Which seems crazy but when you're chasing a one year old. you tend not to think of it! Over all things have gone smoothly. I thought it was a girl, only because everyone else thought it was, so when I went to visit Jake in Texas, we got a gender test and received another shock, it's a boy! I'm already flashing forward to Graham and his little buddy. They'll be best of friends and partners in crime :)

We're due July 31st. It'll be a craaaaazy summer.

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  1. Graham is going to be a wonderful big brother! Congratulations to you and Jake!


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